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Gidel's - PROCSparkTM is an ALTERA® APEX® 20KC/E - based production board is PCI development / system board, for various applications such as image processing, medical, DSP, HDL training classes, electro-optics, military and many others.

Key features:
  • APEX 20KC/E 100 / 200 for custom logic implementations.
  • Supported by Gidel's development kit.
  • Up to two 32MB 32 bit wide memory blocks with an innovative controller.
  • ACEX1K100 with Gidel's logic including: PCI bridge(Altera's IP), DMA's and board control.
  • Optional on-board video processing (decoder and/or encoder).
  • High-density I/O (up to 170) connectors to support custom daughter-boards for system adaptation.

PROCSpark architecture, with Gidel's innovative development kit, offers an incredible improvement of time-to-market, because there is no need for designers to handle the PC board design, the application driver, board constrains, the memory controller and other standard elements. Designers may focus on their proprietary design, and are able to establish their system interface by simply using a daughter-board. Gidel's daughter-boards include the PROCProto for fast system interfacing, and the PROCLA for simple debug.

PCI Features:
  • PCI short-card form factor.
  • DMA & interrupts.

  • ALTERA® APEX® 20K/C/E (20K100 to 20K200) FPGA/PLD support.
  • PCI standard interface using Altera's PCI core, implemented on an additional device.


User design may change to accelerate various applications

  • Re-configuration of the PROCStar board is accomplished by closing the current class and opening a new application driver class. It may also be accomplished by activating the “Load_IC” command in order to merely replace a specific device.
  • The application drivers are automatically generated by PROCWizard.
  • Configurable, Rapid, Parallel access to on-board DRAMs using PROC MultiPort.

Basic features:
  • APEX 100E for user design.
  • User's I/Os available through 2 PROC Daughter Board connectors (110 I/Os).
  • 16M*16 bits SDRAM for user custom application.

 -H Option includes:
  • APEX 200E / C-7 for bigger/faster user design.
  • An additional 16M*16bits SDRAM for user custom applications.
  • An aadditional Daughter Board connector (additional 60 I/Os).

 -V Option includes:

  • Video processing (decoder and/or encoder) and video connectors.

Other options:

  • Customizable daughter-board for additional D/A or A/D processes, data storage, data acquisition, etc.
  • Computer communication - serial/RS232 and standard parallel port.

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