PROC20K Boards The Re-configurable Generic Platform.

The GIDEL PROC20K boards have been developed to provide high-performance, flexible platforms for, development, fast-prototyping and emulation, especially for OEMs, System Developers, ASIC/SOIC and IP Providers. The PROC20K, PCI board has been designed for medium and large size, low cost applications. PROC20K with its unique and flexible architecture is using PLD/FPGA technology from ALTERA. PROC20K boards support up to 5 ALTERA APEX20K400 devices. The board is supplied with PCI communication protocol board with all the functions that make the PROC20K the ideal platform for electronics fast product or system development and prototyping in many application fields, including image processing, communication, medical, electrooptics, military and many others.

The PROC20K requires an application diver generated by the GIDEL ProcWizard
GIDEL ProcWizard software is optionally supplied with the PROC20K board. The ProcWizard provides the ability to automatically integrate between the host and the PROC20K. For more detailed information, please refer to ProcWizard Brochure.

Key Features

  • PCI for easy integration into computerized systems
  • Supports up to 5 ALTERA PLD/FPGAs APEX20K400
  • Logic elements capacity from 16,640 to 83,200
  • EAB/ESB (Dual Port RAMs) from 104 to 520
  • 3 Main Programmable Clocks up to 65 MHz
  • SDRAM: up to 256 MB
  • SRAM: Up to 2*128K*18
  • I/Os connections up to 144*

* Excluding local bus and clocks. The I/O connections can be used for logic headers, daughter boards or other extension boards

PROC20K block diagram

Main bus is free for user definition.
Local bus is used for connection between PCI bridge and the APEX devices.

General Specification
  • Support up to 5 ALTERA APEX20K400 devices
  • FPGA loading via ProcWizard
  • Pipelined SRAM
  • Logic connectors for logic analyzer connection
  • Low noise power supply
  • 5 user LED's Status Control
PCI Functionality
  • 32 bit/33 MHz Bus
  • PCI Master 2 DMA channels capable of up to 132 Mbytes/sec burst transfer
  • Two separate FIFO interfaces between PCI master DMA
  • Supports 3.3V and 5V PCI

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