Gidel provides powerful development tools and universal FPGA platforms for Accelerating Compute Intensive Applications, ASIC/SoC Prototyping and Algorithm development.

Gidel's high productivity software tools complement high-performance PCI/ PCIe boards and stand-alone boards as well as High Performance systems that offer outstanding cost/performance advantages.

Gidel Processing FPGA boards are used as critical part of:


  • ProcWizard™ Design Tools for automatic HW/SW Integration with API support for SW development(Windows & Linux OS)
  • OpenCL™ support for standard C program implementation on Gidel's FPGA Proc Board
  • ProcFG™ Software for Camera Link/CoaXPress Frame Grabbing and Image Processing system
  • ProcCamSim™ Camera Simulation Software to generate video & test patterns
  • High Data Throughput Memory structures to accelerate HPC and Embedded Computing Applications
  • C to RTL PSP to support on Gidel’s Altera based FPGA platforms
Applications Examples:

Gidel's Hardware Accelerator systems are used in Machine Vision & Imaging Security, Medical Imaging, Military, Aerospace & Defense, DSP & Communications, Data Mining, Automatic Test Equipment, Research & Academic, Life Sciences, Financial Trading, Molecular Dynamics and Seismic Analysis

Gidel's Verification System for SoC's, ASICs, ASSPs are used in Behavior Prototyping, Co- Simulation, In Circuit Emulation, ASIC Rapid Prototyping, Software Development, IP & SoC Validation

News & Notable Products:

Arria 10 PCIe3×8 board with 1.5 Tera-Flops capability

Gidel's Proc boards implemented in world's most powerful reconfigurable R&D computer
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The Industry's most scalable green computation Accelerator based on Altera's Arria 10 FPGA announced by Gidel
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Gidel announces the availability of a new Remote Camera over Fiber product family
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Gidel joins Altera's OpenCL Preferred Board Program
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Flexible High-Performance CoaXPress Simulator for Vision and Imaging Applications
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CoaXPress Frame Grabber & Image Processing
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Proc High-Speed (PHS) Daughterboards
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Multidimensional, high-throughput and low-latency connectivity based on Stratix V high-speed transceivers.
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Personal Supercomputer in HPC applications
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Gidel's New Altera Stratix V-based Computational Accelerator
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Gidel's ASIC Prototyping System Demo:

Gidel is a member of:

American Imaging Association
CHREC NSF Center for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing

ISO 9001:2008:

Gidel is Altera's Partner:


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