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Gidel’s - PROCStar is an ALTERA STRATIX 20/25/30 PCI based board.

Board applications include:

·         Stratix evaluation system.

·         DSP.

·         Imaging, machine vision & image recognition.

·         System Hardware Accelerator.

·         Cellular base station equipment.

·         Test Equipment.

·         Digital imaging, medical imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, satellite imaging.

·         Aerospace and military systems.

·         Rapid prototyping

Many more applications. . .


       ·     ALTERA STRATIX (20 to 30) FPGA packaged (780 pins).

       ·     PCI standard interface using Altera's PCI core, implemented on an additional device.

Key features

       ·     Up to 3 STRATIX devices on a single board for custom user logic implementations including up to 36 DSP blocks with up to 288 fast Multiplier Accumulators (MAC's).

       ·     Supported by Gidel PROC Developer's Kit.

       ·     PCI standard interface using Altera’s PCI IP 32/64 bit 33/66MHz (on additional device).

       ·     Five level memory structure:

                                      1.          Up to 885 M512 RAM blocks (32 x 18 bits).

                                      2.          Up to 513 M4K RAM blocks (128 x 36 bits).

                                      3.          Up to 12 MegaRAM blocks (4K x 144 bits).

                                      4.          Up to five 64MB blocks (1M x 64bits) with innovative controller (currently 32MB blocks).

                                      5.          Up to 2GByte - 64bits by four SO-SIMM slots for additional memory.

       ·     Optional CameraLink for machine vision.

       ·     Up to 36 RX and 36 TX LVDS lines connecting between PROCStar and Daughter Board/system.

       ·     Up to 40 LVDS lines for fast communication between on-board FPGA's.

       ·     I/O up to 360 High-density connections to daughter boards for system adaptation. I/Os are LVTTL and LVDS. The LVTTL may be normal or DDR.

       ·     System frequency easily acceding 133MHz.

       ·     Up to 420-MHz with STRATIX devices complete clock management solution with its hierarchical clock structure and up to 30 PLLs.

       ·     Flexible clocking system for various on-board clocks - Main clock, Local bus clock, clk2 internal or external, a clock for each memory bank and direct clocks between the daughter card and the STRATIX devices.


The PROCStar architecture, with Gidel’s powerful PROC Developer's Kit, offers an incredible improvement of time-to-market, because it eliminates the need for board design, the PCI application driver, board constrains and a memory controller. This enables designers to focus on their proprietary value-added design and not spend their valuable effort to re-create standard design component


       ·     Microsoft Windows.

       ·     LINUX.



User design may change to accelerate various applications

         ·           Re-configuration of the PROCStar board is accomplished by closing the current class and opening a new application driver class. It may also be accomplished by activating the “Load_IC” command in order to merely replace a specific device

         ·            The application drivers are automatically generated by PROCWizard.

         ·           Configurable, Rapid, Parallel access to on-board DRAMs using PROC Multiport.

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