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Gidel's ProcStar II is an ALTERA Stratix II 60-180 - based PCI / stand-alone board.


The ProcStar IITM system provides a high-capacity, high-speed FPGA-based platform. The memory, DSPs and add-on-boards flexible architecture enable the system to meet almost any needs. The cost / performance envelope makes it also suitable for production requirements. The ProcStar II system, with Gidel's ProcDeveloper's Kit, offers an incredible performance & improvement in time-to-market. It is done by eliminating the need for board design, the PCI application driver, board constraints and environment FPGA code. The generated HDL code enables high speed, easy-to-use parallel access to large memories. This enables designers to focus on their proprietary value-added design and not spend their valuable effort to re-create standard design components.

Key Features

  • Up to 4 ALTERA Stratix II 60 to 180 FPGAs.
  • Stand-alone and
        PCI 32/64, 33/66 with 16 DMAs @ ~430MHz sustain rate.
  • Five level memory structure (over 2.5GB):
    1. Up to 3720 M512 RAM blocks (32 x 18 bits).
    2. Up to 3072 M4K RAM blocks (128 x 36 bits).
    3. Up to 36 MegaRAM blocks (4K x 144 bits).
    4. Up to 8 large memories 64MB DDR II
          with up to10 GB/s sustain access for up to 128 ports.
    5. 2 DDR II SODIMMs up to 1GB each.
         With up to 5 GB/s sustain access for up to 32 ports.
  • Up to 5 PSDBs (ProcStar II Daughter Boards):
        Camera Links, machine I/Os and other interfaces.
  • Up to 12 TMS320C64 DSPs, 64MB each (on PSDBs).
  • Typical system frequencies: 100-300 Mhz.
  • Flexible clocking system.
  • Up to 695 available I/Os.
  • Expandable system: up to 96 DDR II I/Os between
        ProcStar II boards.
  • Up to 660 Gbits per second connectivity between FPGAs.
  • Supported by Gidels Proc Developer's Kit.
  • Benefits

  • Leading edge performance.
  • Maximum flexibility to fit customer needs.
  • Cuts development cycle time and budget.
  • Reliability.
  • Maintainability.
  • Long life cycle.

    Application examples

  • Rapid Prototyping.
  • DSP.
  • Vision, imaging & image recognition.
  • System hardware acceleration.
  • Algorithm design and verification.
  • Aerospace and military systems.
  • Test equipment.

  • Operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows.
  • Linux.

  • Re-Configuration

    • ProcStar II boards can be easily re-configured by user's software. The re-configuration is accomplished simply by closing the current class object and opening a new application driver object. The board can alternatively be re-configured by calling the Load_IC method or using the ProcWizard development tool in order to merely replace a specific device.

    • The application drivers are automatically generated by ProcWizard.
    • The rapid parallel access to on-board DRAM and DDR II memories can also be reconfigured using the Proc Multiport controller.

    Ordering Codes

    See the ordering codes for ProcStar II here

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