High Performance Computing
Over 20 years, a leader in FPGA-based computer acceleration.

Gidel is a technology leader continuously providing cutting-edge scalable reconfigurable FPGA platforms and innovative development tools. We use our vast experience at the project-level and FPGA-based design to focus on our customers' project success.

Gidel's platforms have been used by leading companies in diverse industries. For example:

  • Novo-G, the world's most powerful reconfigurable R&D computer uses 162 Gidel boards comprising 448 FPGAs.
  • For over a decade, large portion of the world's PCBs were inspected using Gidel's products.
  • Altera uses Gidel's technology for its FPGA testing.
Latest News and Events:
"I am very excited about the performance, versatility, and programmability..."
Dr. Alan George
Director of CHREC and Professor of ECE at the University of Florida
"Gidel's products are cost effective and highly reliable, their software greatly improves our time..."
Bill Turri
Group Leader, University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI)
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